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by Savanna Morales 

YUNG LUV pt 2. Featuring Maddy & Blake. 

              For this interview I had some help from Riley Olson who shot these photos. Maddy and Blake are the new roommates at a house I always hangout at. So I wanted to get a closer perspective of how it is living with your significant other as a young adult.

Introduction on yourself:

MADDY: I’m Maddie I’m 19 and I go to San Francisco State University and I work as a barista.

BLAKE: I’m Blake, I go to City college and I will soon be a barista.

MADDY: and you are 20!

BLAKE: oh and i’m 20.

MADDY: i’m going to be 20 in August and he will be 21 in October so he’ll go bar hopping without me :(

How long have you guys been in a relationship?
MADDY: 50 million years and 2 days….. just kidding! 2 years on Jan 3.

How did you guys meet?

BLAKE: through a mutual friend in H.S

MADDY: We didn’t talk till senior year so that second semester. Our first date was after New Years and I was like we should go to the movies and we went to go see Spotlight, and Blake showed up sick and I was like ‘why are you here instead of bed?’ and he said “I didn’t wanna cancel!”

How did you two manage a long distance relationship?

MADDY: We started our long distance relationship when I moved up to SF, and Blake was still in San Diego at community college there. I mean, it wasn’t crazy hard to manage, I feel like we visited a lot. That’s really what helped, but it’s also calling and texting, snapchat, FaceTime. You know, the internet helps. I mean, how long did we manage it? All of last year?

BLAKE: Like a year, basically.

MADDY: It was so shitty at times, when you don’t have your significant other with you. It’s kind of sad, you get lonely.

(Riley steps into closet while taking pictures.)

RILEY: I’m going to step into this closet. 

MADDY: (laughing) How dare you! I think the best thing is to communicate. Keep it constant, if you miss them let them know! If they’re really worth it, you’ll stick it through.

(They kiss.)

MADDY: (to Blake) You’re worth it!

You answered my question, which was advice on long distance.

MADDY: Definitely, the base of it is really communication. There’s logistics too, it can be more expensive if you’re living farther away. Luckily, Blake has a car, and he would drive up 8 hours from San Diego and come visit me for a weekend at a time. I was so grateful for that. I flew down for his birthday in October, and then we moved in together this past December, yay!

What’s it like living together?

BLAKE: (after some silence) It’s a good time.

(Everyone in the room laughs.)

MADDY: It is, honestly! It’s so much better. It just made the relationship way stronger.

BLAKE: It’s nice sharing a living space with someone you’re really close with, as opposed to another roommate.

MADDY: They’re your best friend, so it’s super easy to get along with them, and wake up with them. We wake up, have a cup of coffee together, I’m just so grateful now. Back a year ago I couldn’t do that. Even a couple of months ago. I’m trying to take advantage of it now. All we do is play on our [Nintendo] Switch.

Besides that, what are your favorite things to do together?

MADDY: Have SEX. (more laughing in the room.) No, I’m kidding. I’m totally kidding.

BLAKE: We watch a lot of movies together.

MADDY: Yeah, ever since I got Moviepass. I force him to come and see as many movies as possible. Besides that, we always try to go out and eat every weekend or so. We get Dim Sum, go to Dolores [park] and hang out. Just be cute! Recently we’ve been binging shows together, we just finished BoJack Horseman.

What’s a favorite memory of your relationship?

BOTH: Oh man, oh man.

BLAKE: Disneyworld was pretty sweet.

MADDY: Oh my goooood, yesss! That was awesome!

BLAKE: That was a good one.

MADDY: It was my first time ever. Blake had been there before as a kid, and we got to go with my family. It was so exhausting, but so fun being at the “happiest place on Earth” together.

BLAKE: It was during the long distance, too, so it was really nice to be together. Especially in Disneyworld.

Did you go for a whole week?

MADDY: Yeah we went to Florida for two weeks, the first week was in the Keys near Cuba. Disneyworld was magical.


MADDY: Ooooh, also, this was before we were dating, so I don’t know if it counts. But we met Tommy Wisseau together.


BLAKE: Oh yeah, that was lit! Super cool.

MADDY: ICONIC. We would go with our friends to our local theatre, and he came for a signing. It was so fun.

BLAKE: And strange.

MADDY: Really stranger. 

Define a healthy relationship.

MADDY: Two partners that keep open communication. You unconditionally support and care for each other. I think it’s all about being their support system they’re not feeling too good.

BLAKE: And respecting each other’s opinions. It’s fine to disagree.

MADDY: Yeah, woooow. It’s totally okay to have different opinions! We disagree all the time. Like, we have really different tastes in music. There's some stuff of his that I’m like: “why are you playing this”, in the car or something. And theres some stuff that I’m playing that he’s just like “can I skip?”

BLAKE: We compromise.

MADDY: That’s really it.

BLAKE: It’s okay to have differences. It would be so boring!

(at this time I deleted my questions and had trouble wording the last one.)

RILEY: What’s your last question.

Oh yeah, I remember. What’s your favorite thing about each other?

BOTH: Oh, shit.

RILEY: (being sassy) No wonder you deleted that question.

MADDY: Yeah, that’s hard.

Okay, not your favorite thing. But what’s a something that stands out. Something you appreciate about each other.?

MADDY: I really appreciate Blake’s humility. He’s easy going, I guess. It’s hard to describe it! He always lets people talk, and is such a  great listener. He’s sweet and supportive, and very accepting and humble. I’m just naming off so many different character traits! Also I love his dimples. Put that in.

BLAKE: My favorite part about Maddy is her personality. It’s broad, but like, her general positivity. Even when she’s stressed out she just rebounds and is always smiling. It helps me because I tend to be kind of negative from time to time.

MADDY: Aww, you’re so cute.


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