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about us.

girltalk. is a diverse team of girls focused on individuality, empowerment, and creativity surrounding issues in girlhood. We value friendship, unity, and vision. This idea came from a short film we made, and came together with a bunch of motivated girls to create a movement that will touch on different films, fashion, culture, society, and more. All artwork is original by the girls at girltalk. 

We also made a little video that talks about our mission too!
Watch it here: ABOUT US


girltalk. started out as a series of 3 short films made for a film production class at San Francisco State University. Three of our founders (Savanna, Sydney, and Maddy) connected and formed a beautiful bond over our experiences and decided to branch out and start a blog.  

- girltalk. - MADDY 

- girltalk. - CLEO 

- girltalk. - GITANJALI 


Savanna Morales: founder; a senior film student interested in cinematography. She's obsesssssssssed with her pet chihuahua (shoutout Nala) and kpop!
twitter: @lilnaoki instagram: @_kotoko

Sydney Redd: founder; a senior film student interested in writing and producing. She actually believes Rashida Jones is her long lost mother (sorry mom). 
twitter: @sydney_redd instagram: @sydneyredd17

Maddy Graves: founder & artistic director; a junior film & photojournalism student interested in art and photography. She has a rad pin collection and you'll most likely see her photographing any concert you've ever been to. 
twitter: @toofarmaddy instagram: @mad.graves

Tess Denham: public relations; a sophomore film & marketing student interested in editing. She aspires to one day become the Queen of England or Kate Middleton. She'll take either. 
twitter & instagram: @denhamtess

Courtney Graves: secretary; a senior film student interested in cinematography. She drinks coffee like its water. And no, she does not have a problem. 
twitter: @courttttneyyyyy instagram: @courttttneyyy

Riley Olson: administrative director; a junior film student interested in producing and directing. He's FAAAAAAAANTASTIC! 
twitter & instagram: rileyolson97

We're currently open for submissions! If you would like to submit your work to our website or instagram, please email us at or 


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LISTEN TO US ON FRUITY THOT HERE: FRUITY THOT OUR RADIO SHOW EXPERIENCE: by Sydney Redd Quite recently, we were lucky enough to be featured guests on our friend Matt's radio show at San Francisco State University!! The show is called Fruity Thot, and explores a wide variety of topics from art and culture to identity and empowerment.  We were super nervous at first; Savanna and I had never been on a radio show before and weren't exactly sure what we would talk about.  We met on campus and walked to the studio together, exchanging our internal butterflies and hopeful expectations.  Once we entered the studio, Matt gave us a quick tour and played the playlist we sent him days prior. We put on our headphones and danced to "Genius of Love" by The Tom Tom Club and the ever so iconic "Dirrty" by  Xtina, pumping ourselves up. Once we started the interview the conversation flowed. Matt did a great job of building on our comments and asking us insightfu